These songs are the dance of the Creative Source translated in sounds:

Track 1 -  Let your heart smile,      
Track 2 -  Sense your body,        
Track 3 -  Surrounded by sounds!
Track 4 -  Fluid, Pure Soul,        
Track 5 -  Connecting the Source,
Track 6 -  Deliver the Moment!
Track 7 -  Vibrational Expression,
Track 8 -  At Art!

Transcendental speaks for me.  It talks about the  process of  creating Music  at the moment, without  linear  thinking, or  judgment.   It  is  beyond any conception of composition.   My heart  catches the feeling, I observe and am conscious of the sensations in my body. Then, the sounds manifest!

I experience that my soul is free, connected with the Universal Source. I am alive at the present moment. There is no past or future. The whole life exists there, at that moment. All times are on One Unique moment. Everything  manifests as vibrations.  Vibrations build and create form. I just observe. This is Art!