Kumquat is like childhood; initially nice and easy, gradually we discover the sour world inside and outside us.
Prophetic Bird represents everything we meet that guides us in our spiritual journey, announcing roads to the sky.
Catharsis is the release of our inner enemies. Metamorphosis starts, then.
Catalyst narrates all elements we gather to transform ourselves, but maintaining our soul’s integrity.
Naïve: those moments of living in the present, no judgment, no social rules, no cultural limits, just being, as a single flower in a garden.
Lament for yourself, for others, for this planet; compassionate love.
Kohl is the turning point; that moment of choice that creates our life: vanity, or the awakening of your third eye, the Consciousness of Christ?
Indolent: moments of rest between brave fights.
begins. The process is the arrival point. The real journey then, begins!
I feel complete, connected with the silence of the Source!
Metamorphosis is a journey of spiritual growth.

Track 1 - Kumquat
Track 2 - Prophetic Bird
Track 3 - Catharsis
Track 4 -  Metamorphosis
Track 5 - Catalyst
Track 6 - Naive
Track 7 - Lament
Track 8 - Kohl
Track 9 - Indolent
Track 10 - Rebirth
Track 11 - I feel complete