“Maria Alice is one of the young and successful talents among Brazilian pianists... She enhances her vocation in the true sense of not allowing herself to be seduced by the fame of a virtuosi... and I have always admired her intelligence and dedication to the piano. She has achieved several victories by directing her efforts to the pedagogical and intellectual aspects that Music provides which is beyond the reach of most people”.
Homero Magalhães, Pianist and Professor (PHD) at the
Art Institute of the University of São Paulo

“Maria Alice de Mendonça is a very talented pianist with a solid
technique and imaginative musical interpretation”.
Roberto Bravo, Pianist, Honorable Chilean Cultural Ambassador,
Cláudio Arrau’s pupil and the winner of ten international piano competitions

“Maria Alice de Mendonça, a highly-qualified musician, with
well-determined personal characteristics, has a special talent for the
contemporary repertoire. An excellent musical memory and great
confidence has guaranteed her a successful career matched by her great talent”.
Luiz Carlos de Moura Castro, Pianist and Professor at
Hartford University of Music - USA

“Maria Alice is an artist of fine sensibility, great expressiveness
phrasing music, besides having a wide artistic culture”.
Lilian Barreto, Pianist and Director of the Brazilian section
of the Federation Internationale des Jeunesses Musicales